Unique Features

Here are a few of our favorite things ...


Transformable Trailer Foundations

Most small structures set on wheels are stuck forever looking like mobile homes, while pre-fab buildings usually require massive cranes and crews for install. Cubist solved both by designing and engineering our Transformable Trailer foundations.

Built of solid steel, the foundation is strong enough to support the heaviest structures in any conditions with no additional site prep necessary. The wheels and hitch mean simple delivery—we can just tow the building right up to its final home. Keep the building mobile or remove just a handful of bolts to drop the axle and hitch and set the building flat on any surface: concrete, gravel, dirt or grass. We can even attach our leveling “lunar landing legs” to set it on on uneven ground. The whole foundation is insulated and sealed underneath, as well as hot-dipped galvanized, a process that chemically binds the zinc finish to the metal so your foundation won’t rust or degrade for decades.

And here’s the coolest part: those wheels and hitch can snap right back on, which means you can move your Cubist building with you, or shift it to another part of your property. As we always say, we want you to pass these spaces onto your grandkids.


Cross-Laminated Timber

Among the materials Cubist uses is cross-laminated timber (CLT), an amazing solid-wood building material used for decades in Europe, but just beginning to take hold in the U.S. We’re pretty sure Cubist is the first builder in the world to use it in mobile structures.

In our CLT buildings, the walls, floor and roof are all solid wood panels, up to 3.25 inches thick. CLT panels consist of lumber glued together to form a big sheet; then multiple sheets, oriented perpendicular to each other, are glued together in a massive press. The more layers, the stronger the structure. Our buildings are structurally engineered to withstand the most stringent building codes, as well as travel down the road at 70mph.

As awesome as CLT is, it’s not right for every job, so we work with a suite of durable building solutions, from a graphite-based structural insulated panel (SIP) to custom steel studs. We’ll work with you to figure out the right materials for your build.


RapidDeck Modular Decking

We believe your outdoor space is as important as the indoor. That’s why we developed our RapidDeck pre-fab modular decking system, which allows you to create any size deck around your building (or on your roof) and even modify or grow your deck over time.

Basically, we build your deck in individual modules, using a welded aluminum I-beam frame. Pressure-treated wood is sandwiched in the frame and the deck’s hardwood is screwed to that. Adjustment built into the legs allow us to join the pieces into one solid, level expanse. We can even use longer legs to create an elevated or multi-level deck.

Best of all, we can typically install your RapidDeck in a couple of hours. And if the next summer you decide you want to double your deck, no problem: We can simply build and deliver more modules.


Super-sexy hardwoods

We’re woodworking geeks here at Cubist, which means we take great care in sourcing and shaping the woods used throughout your building. Wherever possible, we use solid wood: for trim, flooring and furniture, including gorgeous and durable species like garapa, ipe, walnut, white oak and hard maple. Where we need to use plywood for its dimensional stability—in cabinetry, for instance—it’s always ¾” hardwood—never plastic veneers or cheap chipboard.


Custom Furniture

One secret to making small spaces work is to put proportional stuff inside them. That’s why we carefully curate every element of our builds, and including building custom furniture. And our team of master carpenters puts that same furniture-level craftsmanship into all our woodworking, from trim to built-ins to countertops. Even better, you can buy our furniture without buying a building from us. Shop our existing designs and custom furniture here.