Cubist Furniture Details


Custom Work

Cubist Engineering, at its heart, is a custom design and build shop. So we’d love to work with you on any custom requests—from alternative sizes or materials on our standard products to something entirely unique for your space. Depending on the complexity of the project, we may charge a design or rendering fee to make sure we create exactly what you want. For simple custom modifications to our existing products we can typically provide you a quote with 48 hours.

Order Confirmation

Because Cubist Engineering custom builds every product and structure for each client, we want to be absolutely sure you’re getting what you want. When you place an order with us, a Cubist Concierge will contact you within two business days to confirm the specifics of your order, including size, materials and features. We will not begin production of your order until we have a written confirmation back from you. If you have any questions prior to hearing from us, you can always email us and someone will get back to you right away.

Deposit & Payment

For existing products, you can buy directly from our furniture store. For custom orders over $1,000, we require a 50% deposit to begin work, with the balance due prior to shipping.

Changes & Cancellations

If you would like to make changes to your order after confirmation, please email us as soon as possible. We can typically accommodate changes within 2-3 days of the order—after that, there may be a change-order fee. Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of the confirmation, or a 10% fee will apply. 


Our goal is to make sure you love your Cubist Engineering creation, so we want to work with you closely on the front end of the process to make sure we’re on the same page about your order. If you like, we can create 3D renderings of your order for $50 each. We can also mail wood samples for $10 each or a pack of five samples for $40.  Because of the custom nature of the products, all sales are final beyond the cancellation window. But if you are truly unhappy with your delivered product, or notice something you believe to be a flaw, please contact us right away and we will work with you to remedy the situation as best we can. 

Warranty & Wear

At Cubist Engineering, we build beautiful objects, meant to last, using the best materials and techniques. That said, wood is a natural material, subject to change in seasons and environments, so some cracking and movement is entirely expected. If for some reason your product fails because of the build quality or material, we will repair or replace it. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

White Glove Delivery

We want your Cubist piece to arrive in perfect condition, which is why we take exceptional care in the delivery process, from the packing to the shipping to the placement in your home. Our white-glove delivery service will bring the piece into your home, perform any necessary assembly or adjustment and set it exactly where you want it. 

When you place an order, your Cubist Concierge will lay out an expected build and delivery time frame [see Build Time, below], and will keep you updated if anything changes during the build. As your build nears completion, we will reach out again to schedule a specific delivery window. Most deliveries will occur within 2-4 weeks of the piece being finished. If you need something more quickly, let us now and we will provide an expedited shipping quote.

If the delivery is with 400 miles of our shop (ZIP: 12834), your piece will be delivered by Cubist employees—likely the same folks who helped build it. We might even bring beer. If you are outside that area, your delivery will be handled by one of our top-notch partners, who, while fantastic delivery professionals, will not likely bring beer.

Upon delivery, we will ask you to closely inspect your piece and sign a delivery confirmation. If you notice any flaws at this point, we will take care of repair or return shipping at our expense. If you notice anything after signing off on delivery, you may be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. If you have questions, please take a photo of the area and reach out to us.   

Other shipping

For smaller items and table legs, we may be able to ship common carrier for a lesser fee. Please contact us about shipping options. 

Pick Up

You are also welcome to visit Cubist HQ to pick up your piece, check out the grounds and pet Hudson, the friendly shop dog. We will discuss with you beforehand what size vehicle you need. We will also prepare your order for safe transport and help you load it.

Build Time

We begin hand-crafting it immediately after getting written confirmation of your order. Right now, lead times on most pieces are between 2-4 weeks. If you need a piece faster, let us know—we may well be able to move things up in the queue or scale our production for a fee.

Natural Materials

As mentioned above, and likely in your elementary school, wood is a natural material and every piece is unique. We take great care in sourcing our wood—whether it is new lumber or reclaimed—to find pieces with the best visual and structural characteristics. That means that while your piece may have the occasional knot, crack or other mark—and reclaimed material will intentionally have plenty of these—we will make sure it does not affect the structural integrity or the visual appeal of the piece. If you require perfectly clear wood, please contact us and we can likely accommodate your request for a fee. Likewise, all our legs are welded by hand, not by machine, which creates a natural and (if you ask us) beautiful variance in the weld. If you want to spend a couple hours discussing the perfect TIG weld, Carnett will happily entertain you. 


Our default finish on all indoor furniture is a natural, food-safe oil-and-wax product that bonds to the pores of the wood and leaves a gorgeous medium-sheen finish with excellent stain and scratch resistance. That said, it will not stand up to utility knives, cigarette burns or scalding tea kettles (though we’d love to attend that party). It can, however, typically be repaired. If your finish gets damaged, let us know and we can walk you through a repair or send someone out for a fee. If you would like a different finish, let us know—we’ve worked with just about everything and can walk you through pros, cons and costs.

Outdoor furniture in one of our tropical hardwoods is finished with a natural teak oil. This is for appearance only and will fade over time; however, we will include instructions on maintaining the finish if you would like to do so. 

Table legs are powder coated—a process in which the paint is baked onto the metal. This provides a very even and durable finish; however, it is not indestructible and can be scratched. Stainless steel legs are polished and left unfinished because, well, it’s stainless.

These are breadboard ends on the Argyle Standup Desk.

These are breadboard ends on the Argyle Standup Desk.

Breadboard Ends

In traditional table making, builders would add boards across the short ends of the table, designed to keep the table from warping over time. Today, breadboard ends are mostly aesthetic, added to cover the endgrain of the boards that make up your tabletop. However, because wood is will expand and contract through the seasons, the breadboard ends will not line up perfectly with the sides of the table. This is not a flaw—it’s actually how breadboards are designed. We offer breadboards as an option on all larger projects.

Commercial Projects

Our talented design and build team is ready and eager to take on your commercial project, whether a series of custom designed conference tables or desks for your office to a large order of tables for your restaurant or bar. We’ve built our business to quickly and efficiently scale, so whatever your needs, we can likely work within your scope.