How do I get a Cubist BUILDING?

Our goal isn’t to sell you some cookie-cutter contraption.
It’s to build you something awesome that we design together. 

At Cubist, we have a multi-talented team and a toolbox of techniques and materials that we can unleash on just about any building challenge. We specialize in small spaces, which allow for the quickest build and simplest delivery, but we can turn our prefab approach to larger structures as well, including full-size homes. We’ll also work with architects and developers to bring our prefab expertise to interesting commercial or residential projects. 

Our simple three-step process will make it easy and fun to discover and deliver your dream.

Step 1: Design

From $1,500

2-6 weeks

When you get in touch with Cubist, we’ll have a chat or two to get a sense of what you’re looking for and kick around some ideas for how we’d approach it. If it looks like we can make something cool together, we’ll move into our design phase. Here, our team will work with you to customize your building exactly how you want it, and to make sure we can build what you want on your site. By the end of this phase, we’ll have completed these three elements:

  1. A detailed design, including finishes and features, rendered in 3D, for your sign-off. You’ll know exactly what we’re building. No surprises.

  2. A site-requirements assessment, including local zoning and permitting rules as well as any site-prep necessary. We can also help with evaluation and acquisition of land. 

  3. A final bid and build timeframe

Instead of a generic deposit, we collect $1,500 in exchange for 10 hours of consulting that we can use on any of those steps, so you’re only paying for what you need: Maybe you’ve done all your zoning homework but need help designing; or maybe you have an architect onboard and just need some site assessment. For smaller structures, we can usually get all three items done in 10 hours, but if we need more time, we’ll just block another 10 hours. For larger cabins and homes, we'll create a detailed design proposal with estimates for each step. This means you’re not constrained to one round of design, or stuck chasing down a county inspector yourself. Read the fine print here

Step 2: Build

50% deposit

6-18 weeks

Once we finalize a design, we’ll take care of the paperwork and start building. Every Cubist project gets:

  • Stamped plans from a structural engineer

  • Third-party electrical inspection

  • Built to International Building Code (IBC) standards

In addition, you’ll get a password-protected corner of the Cubist site, where we’ll provide weekly updates, photos and videos of your build becoming real. And you’ll have the direct number of a Cubist Concierge to answer any of those 3 a.m. questions that pop into your head.

Step 3: Install

Remaining balance

Usually <1 day


Delivery and install is where you really see the Cubist difference. In most cases, there are no cranes, no general contractors or expensive crews on site for days. We build complete in the shop: Typically the only items tasks in the field are attaching awnings and dropping in your RapidDeck or roof-deck rails. With our Transformable Trailer foundations, we can tow your building directly to site, where we can set it up in one of three ways:

  • Leave the wheels and hitch on to keep your structure mobile.

  • Remove the wheels and hitch and drop your structure directly on the ground. Our foundation provides all the strength and weather-resistance, so typically no pad is necessary.

  • Pop on our self-leveling “lunar landing legs” to elevate your building on uneven ground.

Your utilities will be ready to go for whatever your site requires—residential, RV or off-grid—and we’ll help line up any third-party trades needed to make the connections. 

Get in touch today and let’s build you something awesome.