The Adirondack was built for an HGTV episode and can now be yours, ready for delivery in less than a week.
Price as furnished is now $27,000 (was $36,000). Contact us to discuss additional options.

The Adirondack

This is your space.
Step inside, close the door, light a fire. Leave the nonsense outside.
It’s designed for relaxing, recharging, re-centering. Pull out the bed and take a nap.
Watch the world through the glass. Not your problem today.

Don’t get stuck in remodel hell adding a room onto your house. The 12.5’x8.5’ Adirondack is spare space that can live in any environment—from your backyard to the back woods. A wood-burning stove and garapa trim throughout make it warm and inviting, while the wall of glass and optional wraparound deck make it more expansive. With a modern sofa by Article, 42-inch LCD TV and hidden pull-out bed, it’s the guest room, man cave or office that won’t crowd your home.


The Dossiér


  • 12’x8’ interior with 4’x8’ mezzanine, 9.5’ ceiling

  • CLT construction: Walls, ceiling: 5-ply Douglas Fir, 3.25”; floor, 3-Ply Douglas fir, 2”

  • Marvin Integrity pure Ultrex windows; double-pane; including 8’x8’ picture window; 5’x4’ double casement

  • Marvin Integrity Ultrex oversize door

  • Full gator burn shou sugi ban Accoya siding over rainscreen

  • Transformable Trailer foundation; hot-dipped galvanized; single removeable 7,000lb torsion axle, removable hitch; insulated and sealed undercarriage

  • Fiberglass roof over EPS insulation; galvanized curbs


  • Solid Acacia flooring

  • Garapa and ipe trim

  • Gray-washed architectural-finish CLT walls and ceiling

  • Pull-out single bed with built-in storage, 7-inch twin Dreamfoam mattress

  • Dwarf 4Kw wood-burning stove

  • Article Ceni loveseat in Volcanic Gray

  • Custom-made modular end tables in orange enamel steel and ipe

  • Phillips 42-inch LED LCD smart TV


  • 30-amp electrical, third-party inspected

  • SmartPlug electrical input

  • Insteon wireless switches

Available Options

  • RapidDeck modular decking: any size or shape deck around the unit

  • RapidDeck roof deck, including removable stainless steel railing system

  • Exterior lighting

  • Connectivity package, including optional broadband wireless router

  • Security package, including wi-fi cameras and motion sensors

  • Custom downspouts, including optional rainwater collection

  • Cubist Mobile Solar Unit


Pull out the bed, have a nap

Under the mezzanine is a comfortable twin bed, with compartments for your pillow and blanket. 

Carnett 12.png

Add some outdoor living

Double your square footage with a RapidDeck modular wrap-around deck.